Planting Seeds

I planted some lantanas in my front yard earlier this spring. Their small red and yellow blossoms were the perfect pop of color for an otherwise monochromatic yard. The first few weeks after planting them, I couldn’t stop gazing at the tiny blossoms. I’d sneak away into the guest room to catch a glimpse of them in the morning and let my eyes linger on them whenever I left the house. Seeing their tiny splash of color made me happy. It’s funny how simple things can bring so much pleasure.

Planting those flowers a few months ago made me realize what a good time of year it was to plant in general—and not just in a literal sense. Last year, the world was thrust into a deep, dark winter as the coronavirus swept over the globe and changed life drastically for society as a whole. Many of the plans and dreams that we had sown as seeds a few months earlier never got a chance to blossom or even sprout. They stayed buried beneath the surface as the pandemic blanketed the world in heavy snow. With mandated quarantines and other restrictions, many of us all but hibernated, wishing away the long months that felt like winter to our hearts with no end in sight.

 There has been a shift in weather as of late, however. The seasons are changing, and the deep winter is bidding its farewell. The snow has been melting, giving way to spring, and our garden’s soil is thawing so that it can birth new hopes and dreams.

What will you plant this season? Will you be able to revive the seeds sown last year? Or will you need to start afresh, with a new vision for your “garden”?

As we transition from winter to spring, whenever that might be for each of us personally, let’s take time to ponder these questions, prayerfully seeking God’s guidance in our “planting.” The garden that we imagined for our lives might look different than what we may have expected over a year ago. Some hopes and dreams may be too frostbitten to revive. But even so, God can make a beautiful garden out of the life that He is giving us in this present moment. He undoubtedly has already sown lessons, values, and a deeper hope within us as a result of the winter that we have weathered. We have only to tend to these seedlings and to watch God bring growth as a result. And we have only to cooperate with Him in further planting, watering, and weeding as we watch our gardens begin to blossom. So, let’s think about planting again as we enter this new season. Let’s give God the soil of our lives so that He can sow seeds within us that will bring forth a harvest for His praise, and let’s put in the work to tend to each new planting of the LORD daily, trusting that, as we faithfully toil, God will bring forth a bountiful harvest in due time.

“Those who sow in tears
    shall reap with shouts of joy!
He who goes out weeping,
    bearing the seed for sowing,
shall come home with shouts of joy,
    bringing his sheaves with him.”

Psalm 126:5-6

8 thoughts on “Planting Seeds”

  1. The lantanas are such a lovely bright colour. I really like the analogy of the long winter we all went through and with the season changing now, it is time to plant.
    May we tend to those seeds which God grows. And like they draw your eye, may we too draw people to God through whatever He does in us and through us.
    Blessings my friend 🤗🌺💙

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  2. I love lantana. I planted it for the first time several years ago when we first moved to Texas. I’m definitely in a re-planting season both physically and spiritually, so your post is fitting for me. I’m pretty much re-doing our entire backyard after the winter storm damage and the removal of two massive trees. It feels like a spiritual planting as well with my husband’s health crisis. God is so good to allow times of new growth and new seedlings, especially after pruning. God bless you Colleen!

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  3. Beautiful flower. I like them too. Over here, they grow as weeds in a large number, even without planting them.
    Amen, may we continue to grow the right seeds. And we won’t miss out of our harvest time. 🙏

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    1. They grow really well here too, and in the wild. That’s part of why I chose them–I knew they’d do well in this climate. I’ve also read that they attract butterflies. I sure hope that’s true! Blessings, Mercy!


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