Remember Uvalde

I took Liam to the library a few days ago and saw the images above enclosed in a glass case on my way out. They are the 21 victims that lost their lives in the school shooting on May 24th in addition to the husband of slain teacher Irma Garcia, who died of a heart attack two days later.

The new school year is approaching, and a deep ache settles over my heart as I think about it. The abundance of school supplies that line the shelves at our local grocery store is just a cruel reminder to some parents that they have one less child to send to school this year. For others, it’s an emotionally-charged time as both children and parents face very real fears.

Would you remember our community in these coming weeks? And as you do, would you pray for us?

I don’t doubt that God is writing a redemptive story for our town that has yet to completely unfold, and although I’m not entirely sure how that will look, I do believe this—that the prayers you pray for this town are a beautiful and meaningful part of it. So, thank you for investing in this community in such a vital way. I and others value it so much.

The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working.”

James 5:16b

Friends in Ukraine and Russia: One Podcaster’s Point of View

Photo by Ylanite Koppens from Pexels

The personal problem I find with blogging is that I feel like I must share something regarding the tragic events taking place in our world but often times don’t have the words to say. This is the case for the conflict that is currently taking place between Ukraine and Russia.

My heart has felt heavy as I pray for safety and refuge for Ukrainians and also pray for Russians that want nothing to do with this attack on Ukraine, but I have no wisdom or special accreditation to believe that my opinions account for much on this matter. I’m just one of many that feel and think the same.

This evening, I had the chance to listen to my friend Rachel’s newest podcast, where she shares about her family’s experience getting to be in contact with friends in Ukraine and Russia this week, and I appreciated her insight as a result of that communication. I was also drawn to the compassion and concern that she shows for both countries as the citizens of each nation struggle in different ways during this time.

I encourage you to listen to her podcast as you pray for both nations so that you can gain insight and wisdom as you pray. And if you enjoy this podcast, then check out her others too! Rachel has a lot of godly wisdom, insight, and encouragement to offer.

The link to her podcast is as follows:

God bless you as you seek Him this week!