Frozen Watermelon Lemonade

I thought I was so clever when I first “created” this recipe. It came about when I discovered a plump, ripe watermelon sitting on my counter after a 4th of July potluck I had hosted the day before.

My younger sister, who was also my roommate at the time, came home later that day from a trip out of town and realized my predicament. I don’t like watermelon. Fortunately, she does. She cut up the juicy fruit and enjoyed some, and then she decided to freeze the rest so that we could figure out what to do with what remained.

A few days later, we still had some lemonade in the refrigerator from the party, so I decided to blend some of the then-frozen watermelon with the juice on a whim. I figured I might be able to consume the watermelon in that manner and avoid wasting it in the end.

Fortunately, the watermelon lemonade combination was fantastic! It was refreshing, tangy, and sweet, and I found myself making more with the remaining frozen watermelon soon after and then making it in the summertime in the years to follow.

Years later, when my older brother and his family came to visit my family and me, I decided to make them this special “creation” and impress them with my culinary skills. I quickly discovered, however, that they had been making a version of this lemonade for years themselves! Since then, I’ve seen this recipe pop up quite a bit online as well.

All that to say, I may need to consider quoting Ecclesiastes 1:9 in all of my recipe blogposts from now on—the verse that reminds us that there is nothing new under the sun. 😊

This recipe may not be new, but it is definitely the perfect summer drink, so if you haven’t tried it for yourself, here’s an updated version of what I made so many years ago. Also, be sure to check out my Spiced Lemonade recipe, found here: And as always, please let me know what you think of these recipes if you try them. I would love to hear from you!



  • 3 large lemons, juice of (slightly over ½ cup)
  • 4 c frozen watermelon*
  • 1/3 c monk fruit in the raw (or sweetener of choice)
  • 1 c water


Combine all of the ingredients in a high-powered blender and blend until smooth. Serve and enjoy! Makes 3-4 cups.

*When freezing watermelon, I suggest cutting the fruit into cubes and freezing it in smaller, one-cup portions in sealed sandwich bags. This will make it easier to fit into the blender when it comes time to make the lemonade.

10 thoughts on “Frozen Watermelon Lemonade”

  1. You made me laugh when you said that you would have to start quoting Ecclesiastes 1:9. I can relate to that, I have stopped assuming I have made something totally new because I usually find that it is already out there 😁.
    I have never tried watermelon and lemonade, am going to definitely be trying this when the weather gets warmer here. I usually make a watermelon smoothie.

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  2. Perfect drink for hot summer days. I love the scripture reference. That’s so funny and true. There’s nothing new under the sun. But there are so many things new to me. Like this refreshing drink recipe. Thanks Colleen!

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    1. It makes me happy to hear it’s new to you! One of the motivating factors for posting it was thinking that this idea might be new to some of the people reading my blog, so this makes my day. Thanks, Meghan! 😊

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    1. Where do you live? I did that with a recipe from another blogger on another continent. She posted a lovely summer smoothie when we were entering the fall here. I finally made it a few weeks ago now that we are in summer though, and it was delicious! I hope you enjoy it once you get the chance to make it. And hopefully weather will warm up soon for you!

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