Blooming Bushes

Liam and I skipped our daily walk a few days ago, but when we resumed it the following morning, I was delighted to see that all of the green bushes bordering the pathway were bursting forth in full color with hundreds of tiny, purple blossoms.

It was a good reminder to me that life doesn’t always just suddenly change for the worse. It can change for the better, too.

There are plenty of present-day examples of this–an engagement or beginning of life as a married couple, a positive pregnancy test, a new job, a promotion, a move to a new city (or new residence, for that matter), or a granted scholarship promising further education and adventures to come. Life is full of positive changes, some more unexpected than others.

As I think about how quickly circumstances can change, I’m hopeful in knowing that this year can swifty improve as well.

The truth is, all our present trials are like an insect under God’s foot. He could squash them whenever He chooses. He doesn’t need the strategies we have worked so hard to implement this year nor the remedies or solutions that we are currently striving to find.

It would be nothing to Him to cause these present problems to dissipate.  He is God, and there is no one or no thing more powerful than Him.

Nonetheless,  He has allowed these current difficulties to continue for this season for His good purposes, and we have to choose to believe that and to fuel our faith in the beauty that He is bringing out of ashes. I know I’ve heard several stories about individuals placing their faith in Jesus as a result of these present trials. I’m so thankful that people are finding new life in Christ in the midst of a year that is so focused on sickness and death.

Still, I’m encouraged to pray that the fullness of God’s work through this pandemic will come to a completion soon, and I’m hopeful that its end will be just as unexpected and beautiful as the purple blossoms on all those blooming  bushes.

9 thoughts on “Blooming Bushes”

  1. Loved this! Such an encouragement!
    Didn’t comment on Breathe but that was wonderful as well! I so look forward to finding a new nugget of wisdom from you! Bless you. ❤️❤️

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  2. It’s so easy to fall into the trap of waiting for the other shoe to drop. Life really can change in an instant, sometimes for the better. I need to expect more of the good stuff from God. Thanks for this lovely reminder. And, those purple flowers are really pretty.

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    1. Aren’t they? And they are all over town. 😍 I’m glad this post was a good reminder to you. I’m in constant need of reminding myself and am so thankful for how God is able to bring about those reminders in different ways. God bless you, Meghan!

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